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Future Technology and Innovative Concept Topics and Ideas for Think Tanks and Radio

Greetings and welcome my radio listening crowd and online informative readers. With this 19th day of October 2012, we shall of course be talking future technology, future inventions, and innovative concepts. Really, I certainly hope that the Mayan calendar was incorrect, or possibly those carving it only ran out of rock only, ran from stone to chisel on, and so the entire world is going to be spared from anything it was the Mayans thought could cause a new era or renewal. Find how the importance of Technology in Schools.

Alright so, I’d love to dive into our subjects for the radio chat show and I am sure by now you realize the format, essentially, “I shall do the speaking for approximately half an hour minus commercials and your task is to listen attentively, produce opinions and queries. That does not mean that you can not have a notion, nor does it imply it needs to be just like mine. In reality, if you really do a lot of preaching to the choir, I shall simply cut off you, possibly agree with you, and proceed into another caller.

Our job would be to get an intellectual argument, conversation, discussion, and discourse. That is why you are here, and that is my assignment, and we’ll finish it. Now then, of course, there’s an enormous amount of discussion innovation, the demand for innovators and entrepreneurs within our country to keep us strong, lively, and about the top edge of technology. You won’t receive any debate here on that fact, nevertheless, it appears as though the term”invention” is maybe among the most overused phrases in the English terminology now, possibly besides”unsustainable” that incidentally, some matters which might seem to be ineffective or dire issues we think we confront now, but might very well be solved together with all the technology of the future.

Einstein used to say; “it requires a brilliant individual to address an issue, but it requires a creative genius to prevent the issue from ever occurring first position,” and consequently, I’d state that the creative geniuses do not always receive the credit for solving the issues, but the fantastic individual will, even when their prior solutions turned to unintentional consequences, and they’re retired to fix what they broke the very first time after allegedly fixing something to rescue us all.

Alright so, here is where I will begin throwing out issues, using just a tiny bit of discussion attached to everyone. They’ll run the gamut all around the board from science fiction issues into the newest and greatest technology and what they may mean for our future. I’ll even throw out some personal first revolutionary notions, as I think of two brand new original concepts a day, and we can talk about those as well if you desire, or maybe you’ll have a different subject for our dialogue. Now then let us start with the very first subject;

1.) Will Physical Money Survive the Next Few Decades – Hackers and Trade Questioned

In fact, money has little if any worth – think about a dollar bill, it is only a flimsy bit of paper, and just how much is it really worth? Most of us think it’s worth whatever it states on the surface of it if it’s just one dollar, five dollars, $10, $20, $50, or possibly a C-note. Money simply works because people have faith in its own worth, and what it could purchase. The majority of the cash that is made nowadays never really exists in a physical form, it merely exists in the digital world. As an example, you may receive paid off a Corporation, that cash might be digitally transferred to your bank accounts. You may then use your ATM to purchase something or pay bills online, but you never needed that cash on your hot little hands on. Things have changed a good deal in the past 3 decades, have not they?

So what’s going to happen in another 3 years I inquire? Can we have physical cash, or can it be digitized, and can you ever have some cash in your pocket to purchase something? There are a few futurists that consider that cash will go from the window, which is to say physical cash, and that which is going to be digital in the long run. However, what if our culture and civilization do not trust digital cash? Imagine if they’re concerned that our banks are being hacked? Lately, in the fall of 2012, we have noticed that our banks have come under cyber-attacks out of Iran at Leon Panetta believes that is where the attacks originated, but who’s to say later on when we have a war with another state that cyber-attacks on our financial system won’t be included?

In the end, the economic war is becoming rather common, why simply think about the sanctions, trade wars, and our efforts to stop the cash flow from terrorists, drug dealers, money launderers, and human traffickers, alongside the central banking computer methods of rogue nation-states and their currency transfers for items like petroleum, natural sources, and military armament?

Then there’s the matter currently where an increasing number of individuals are making mobile payments in their cellular personal tech apparatus. Nowadays they are purchasing a cup of coffee, a hamburger, or different items at retail shops. Ultimately it may be more, or if this becomes unreliable or these personal tech devices are being hacked, possibly through downloaded programs using malware, or by consumers browsing sites using malware, then people are not going to expect cellular payments. Some have implied some personal tech devices might actually arrive with pre-loaded back-doors or applications that might be used by hackers to steal information or perpetrate identity theft offenses.

There can come a time in which folks do not want to purchase anything online or perform online banking since they do not trust the machine, they do not want their cash to vanish 1 day to somebody else’s accounts in some foreign nation. Having somebody drain your bank accounts just needs to occur once and just needs to occur to a close friend or even a relative before everybody they know becomes questionable. If that’s the situation you won’t wish to use digital cash, then more people will elect to utilize physical cash, it is therefore quite likely that physical cash will exist only as a security factor for decades ahead.

But how secure is the physical cash going to be in the event of a natural catastrophe, or even a wildfire that burned down your house, or even an earthquake? Think about a hurricane with a massive tidal surge, a tsunami, or even a significant river that jumped its banks? Is your physical cash secure, just how much safer is it that your digital currency in this circumstance? Speaking of natural disasters and flood events, perhaps we could better predict them later on? Let us talk about that for a minute with our following topic;