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Important Knowledge in the Internet and New Technology

It’s indeed well-known that technology continues to be a fantastic servant since it has made lots of gifts. Advances in healthcare, education, crime detection, higher business efficiency, enhanced communications, life enrichment, saved time, and gave us the chance to have fun like that between the personal computer… Look how the importance of Technology in Schools.

However (and it is a really big, however), technology has also been described as a lousy master for lots of disturbing explanations. So fasten your safety belts people it is going to become tough; here is a synopsis of these disturbing explanations.

Surveillance and the authorities say

After the revelations of Edward Snowden and also the degree to which we’re under surveillance, it affirms that just like a runaway train heading to get dystopia we’ve gone past the point of no return: Telephone hacking, Global Positioning Satellites (GPS), smart meters of types, CCTV cameras (1 to every 11 people in the UK), online chat network tracking, face recognition technology, programs for cashless societies, cars in which there will be no drivers… every brave new universe gadget and gismo unwittingly ensnares us.

-Each communication apparatus is spied on. No whisper undetected…

And it does not end there. The individual micro-chipping schedule continues growing. Then there are plans to get cars fitted with black boxes and V2 transmitters designed to document and monitor performance information: Tracking speed, place, management, equipment box and split usage, motorist, or passenger ID.

Ford motor cars Vice President Jim Farley acknowledged in a lot of words which we’re aware of who violates the law when and the way all this due to this GPS in your vehicle.

Do not fall to the effrontery these things are just there for your safety and if you’re a law-abiding citizen then there is nothing to fret about…

-This glib Orwellian doublespeak reinforces the fact that the elite concealed powers that are with their enslavement schedule understand they’re likely to create some pretty damn unpopular conclusions, as well as the control and surveillance, is there to manage the expected backlash from these’troublesome men and women.’ You will have no privacy in the Imperial government Big Brother state.


Operated by somebody sitting in a computer, unmanned drones will shortly occupy the heavens in amounts. Like something from this Spielberg sci-fi movie” Minority Report” that they are going to be able to detect body motions night or day, see-through walls, and identify faces, shoot over or spy emails, text messages, and internet browsing habits…

The war machine

Equipped military drones are used to search out and kill the enemy. What you are not told in mainstream media would be that reports have come from medics the damage done with these drones may mean something like 30 percent of those deaths or severe injuries were innocent men, women, and kids.

Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF’s)

Vested business interest has tried its hardest to keep the lid on that low-frequency electromagnetic radiation like that generated from mobile phones and Wi-Fi may result in some significant health issues like cancer and depression. Evidence for this includes”The 2012 Bio-initiative Report” documenting 1000’s of webpages where ailing health has caused overuse…

Killing social behavior

It’s been stated that technology is murdering social behavior through actual human interaction becoming substituted for a lot of communications by mails, text messages, and societal networking sites. Really, the latter doesn’t possess the attributes of the prior so isolation and to get a few withdrawn behavior sets in…


Technology has really served to divert the masses. Rather than realizing the temptations of the planet then becoming and doing something which makes a difference many have lost in an endless diversion like those people like hooked on computer games. Many have formed an inability to concentrate through an excessive amount of technology use.

The hidden powers that be understand this and it has been one of the key weapons.


Maybe the best pandemonium for the entire world could be if a sort of planetary situation occurred that could cause the electronic equipment to return…

To sound off

What is required is to get more people to awaken and recognize that technology is utilized to enslave us. That conscious desire to spread the term en masse. Because of this more and more awakened people will turn from poor master technology afterward through their internal being create ideas, feelings, emotions, meditation, affirmations, and prayers… which will generate a different result to the one proposed by the hidden powers that be.

A true intention to wish to make this occur should be resolved. To’spread the word’ and also do one’s’inner work’ would be the significant ingredients required to make another reality that’ll take us right into a new paradigm encounter based on love, peace, and lighting.

Working at the Internet or new technology businesses (that in many instances go together ) requires a lot of attempts and comprehension. Generally, when state’Internet’ we really have to precise the specific sub-category we’re speaking about: website development and development, site design, social networking, e-commerce…

If your livelihood is connected to the Internet or IT business you want to know about everything happening about your business, not directly affecting it. All topics are linked to one another around the net. And success in a project is always equivalent to your understanding and expertise.

Whilst experience includes time, you have to work on your own understanding of your own.