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Good News Or Bad News – And The Difference Is?

Ever had someone offered you bad information? What about the good news? What is the gap or is there a gap?

Fantastic news – things or information that makes us joyful, content, guaranteed, protected, and validated.

Bad news – the reverse.

Therefore, it would seem that there’s a gap between good and bad news – read on.

Maybe you have gotten bad news but in the end, things turned out well or even better than you expected? Maybe you have received great news and over time that you believed was good news was not so great?

From personal experience, I can tell you which I’ve experienced all four –

Fantastic news which has been great.

Awful information that has been bad.

Fantastic news which I thought was great but was awful.

Awful information which I thought was awful and ended up being great.

Confused yet? I understand that over time that I was frequently confused about the distinction between both of these messages that are apparent. But then I discovered that sometimes terrible news for a single individual can be viewed as good news for somebody else and that fantastic information to a single individual over the years could be perceived as poor.

Confused? Allow me to clarify.

In the long run, it is only news and what makes it bad or good or neutral isn’t the news itself but how we perceive it, judge it, assess it, or respond to this.

How does somebody perceive bad news as well you may ask? Or the contrary, how can someone perceive very good news as poor?

In short – each of us has an exceptional background, experiences, values, and beliefs and consequently, none of us see the identical matter or circumstance in precisely the exact same manner.

Somebody who’s a worrier, negative, pessimistic, or impatient may observe a delay as poor as a different individual who knows the idea of there are things that we could control and there are things we can not restrain so why get upset about something that you can not control or in the event that you’re able to restrain it becoming busy.

In the long run, everything that occurs – only occurs, and what we do is translate it all according to our own expectations, goals, demands, or mindsets and all these are unique for every one of us.

Allow me to offer you a few personal examples. And in the event that you’ll think about the excuse despite the fact that you might not have had precisely the very same conditions if you’re going to consider it I will be you can associate.

Before starting my talking and coaching career I had been a federal sales manager for a global organization. Long story but the brief side is that I had a problem with my supervisor, the president and consequently I chased me. Bad news, right? Well, this was all I had to pick it was time to start a career which has lasted over 40 decades and has enabled me to find that the world (25 states so far ) and operate with some enormous customers and audiences. So ultimately this awful news was really very good news.

Here is another fast one.

Years back I suggested to my wife and she explained. The very good news? (No conclusions here ). Well over the years after performing my best to get over a decade I decided that it was time to finish it and why? Well, with no gruesome facts, the connection was slowly awakened my self-esteem, confidence, and positive mindset and I determined I did not like that I was getting in that connection. We parted, amicably – however we awakened. Very good news as I managed – over the years – to recover all I’d lost – mentally and spiritually.

Most of us have our stories and all of us can produce lists of good news and bad news we’ve obtained but in the long run, it is all news.

During a few of my corporate apps, I discuss this very simple notion – cease requesting your workers for good news or bad news – simply inquire for the information and you determine that it is. Since their definition might be totally different than yours.

And vice versa – because an executive or supervisor do not broadcast – that I have some bad or good news – simply tell your workers you have got any information and allow every one of them translates as they see fit according to their personal perspectives, attitudes, mindsets, expertise, expectations and how it may affect them personally.

I would like to make it clear here that I am not speaking about jealousy, surrender, approval, or apathy – only the willingness to find that there might be another facet of this story, one you could be missing as a result of your own history, perspectives, opinions, conclusions, etc..